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16 Things That Don’t Exist Anymore

  • Before Neflix, there was Blockbuster video. And you better not have forgotten to rewind!

Photo: Flickr/ kingstonist/Flickr

Take a walk down memory lane



10 Foods Banned in the U.S.

  • Fruits seeds (apple, cherry, peach, apricots) have a type of hydrogen CYANIDE called prussic acid.  You'd have to eat a bucket but still... no thanks!

photo credit: Shutterstock
  • Cassava root.  I'm not sure who would have this in their kitchen (not me,) but it's full of CYANIDE. Again, I'll skip.

photo credit: Shutterstock
  • Rhubarb: Ever had a kidney stone. I have... NO GOOD! Rhubarb has an acid in its leaves that cause kidney stones. 

photo credit: Shutterstock
  • Cashews found in the store aren't raw. They've already been steamed to remove urushiol. That is also found in poison ivy or posion oak.  If you are highly allergic to these plants you'll probably want to avoid raw cashews too. High levels of Urushiol could be fatal

photo credit: Shutterstock
  • ALMONDS: DO NOT PANIC. This is not your everyday sweet almonds. You have to look out for the BITTER ALMONDS (very rarely sold in USA.) Bitter Almonds contain cyanide. 7-10 can cause serious problems for adult and may kill a child. GOOD GRIEF!

photo credit: Shutterstock
  • TUNA: Hello sushi! And hello mercury. Be careful to not eat too much fish that could be high in mercury. Once mercury is in your body it may travel to your brain...where bad things could happen. Check for more on which fish to avoid

photo credit: Shutterstock

Dangerous foods that may be in your kitchen RIGHT NOW!



Hot Shots

  • The Indie Swim Bikini Fashion Show in South Florida.

Photo: August 27, 2014/Splash News


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